Thursday, March 31, 2011

you'll know if it's for you


It's no big surprise that I look at life a little bit differently than most people. There are 3 f's that take dominance on my life: friends, family, fun. Death is something that is very real to me and has hit home a lot more often than I'd care to admit. In working at a nursing home, I see a side of life where people are sometimes left with regrets, "what-if's" and a long list of things to do that will now never be done. I'm not to say they haven't lived great lifes! Most (if not all) really have! But it's way too common that you run into somebody that is full of examples on what they'd have done differently.

With people meaning the most to me, I definetly get frustrated sometimes when they don't have the same priorities. Nobody likes to feel used or that they're forgotten or taken for granted but those days definetly come. If they don't for you-kudos! Everytime I try to tell myself to let someone go, or wait for them to put the work in, I cave. Lame? yes.

I guess that's what happens though when you lose someone (even once) that you left questions with. Because in all honesty, you really never do know when the last time you talk to someone will be the last time and trust me when I say that it's the worst feeling to have things left unresolved. Even if it's just positive things that you never took the time to say. And it's something that you have to live with.

Through out the last year I've come to be best friends with P. Mosh and she has taught me a lot. The main thing though is that she is never afraid to say how she feels whether for good or for bad. It's something that I admire about her a lot and I've tried to do it myself. I've always been one to avoid saying "too much" or hurting feelings or appearing vulnerable or anything that honest open communication can lead to. But I've learned that straight up honesty is really the only way to go in life. Sometimes feelings are going to be hurt or you'll find yourself in the middle of a conversation that you REALLY don't want to be in, but in the end, it is much much better to just go through it anyways. A little "Speak Now" from T-Swift if you will...

Immature, irresponsible, party girl, short sighted, unrealistic...the list could go on! These are all words that have been used to describe me at one point or another. I can honestly say though that I really just do. not. care. I have had moments where I have felt so alive and excited that I literally couldn't breathe. I have had days where I didn't have a care in the world and was miles away from any kind of fear or frustration. I have started to see the world. I have laughed so hard I've peed and heaved. I am in a place where I'm not afraid to talk to anybody whether I know them or not. I have had my heart broken. I have been betrayed. I have given and taken second chances. I have taken risks! (Yes-some were flat out crazy and were NOT my best ideas) and have had more adventures than I can even count!

But it's all a part of really, truly living. And not letting a single moment go past you. So I take lots of pictures, laugh at almost everything, make an effort with people, take roadtrips, spend money and time to visit people I love, but fun clothes, dance like a fool, stay up all night, think un-logically, enjoy the little moments, do things out of the norm, travel, seek adrenaline rushes....I guess that secretly I'm a little scared that all too soon it'll be over and I'll be sitting in my nursing home, talking about the good days and all the things I wanted to do in life.

(let's be honest-this is just a hilarious picture of the day)

As another random side note for my "seize the day and fix your life" rambling...I've thought a lot lately about people that I know I've hurt. I really am very sorry! I never meant for you to feel bad in any way and things I did were never to deliberatly hurt you. For the record, I still maintain that you never came to ME to try and fix things or even ask for an explanation, but that doesn't change the fact that you were hurt. I think there's 2 sides to every story and in some instances, neither of us were open to even entertaining the idea of hearing the other person out. Just know...I am sorry!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

100th blog post!

So I had this cool, "lookback" and how have I changed type thing all typed up for my 100th post because for some reason I felt like it was a fairly big deal that I had kept it going for that long, when it started only because of a whim.
However, life in general isn't going according to plan lately, so why would something as simple as a blog post follow my initial intentions? ;)
Long story short? I am so happy. Really. I know that there are many times where I sound down and slightly depressed and (quite frequently) angry, but at the end of the day I love my life and I wouldn't change where I'm at now for anything.
Since starting this little blog, Taylor has grown to become one of my greatest friends and heroes. He is one of the people I look up to the most and I miss him tons! I miss his funny accents. I miss him sometimes taking me to school. I miss him scaring me (also a fairly frequent occurance). I miss him helping me with things like pushing my car out of the snow and half way up the street so I can get to work, even though by doing so he's making himself late. I miss his input on guys and his never failing gay-dar. I'm incredibly happy we moved out of the "I want to kill you whether we're related or not" and into actually being real friends.

It's a well known fact that facebook is one of the biggest black holes in the history of the world. However, it has nothing on these little babies. I'll try and run to my mom's just to drop something off, pick something up etc. "In and out in 10 minutes" but if they're awake I just can't pull myself away from them. I feel like when Ash had Kez, our family came together a little bit more for some reason and since then have gotten even closer and closer. I've never been one that's too big on family but I'm glad that I took everyone's advice and have taken chances to get closer to them. There are definetly still some frustrating days, but it's good. I love Keznee and Jaxon so much that it's hard to imagine that I could love even my own kids more.....odd yes.
If you had told me in high school that I would be moving to China for a semester, I never would have believed you. I'd like to think I was independent then, but nothing compared to where I am now. I haven't cried about China for a long long long time. (Yes I used to have random outbursts of tears when I first got home.) So long in fact that I don't even remember the last time. BUT, I still think about it all the time. I miss my kids like crazy! Roni learned the hard way on Sunday that I still love to sit and talk about it because it really did change my life in so many more ways than I thought it would have. So if you're ever bored and have 17 hours to spare, let me know and I'll give you the run down ;)
When I started this, I had just finished my first semester in St. George and it was nothing at all like what I thought it was going to be! I had a REALLY hard time letting go of high school and overall, my first semester really kinda sucked. I didn't have many friends. And by many I mean I had none. My high school crew allll stayed in Provo and could still hang out all the time and even though I had wanted the change and wanted new people, over Christmas break I seriously doubted if I could do it. My first posts were about Tanner and Clayton leaving on missions, and that was my wake up point. I finally realized that others were moving on too and that it was something I had to face. From that day on, I had a blast! I made more friends than school progress. I opened my mind up to different ideas about people, the Church, and life in general. I learned first hand how to grow up and it was hard because nobody prepared me for that side of "awesome college life that is so so so much better than high school." But I am so happy I went through it! I still love St. George soooo much and see why I needed to go there.
Like Taylor, my sisters have also become really good friends of mine. Brittany and I have always been close, but since we've both been in college and back in the same stage of life, it's easier to see things more eye to eye now. I loved having her in Cedar while I was trying to figure life out in St. George because she was always quick to come rescue me in those times where I didn't think I could do it. I love that we have some mutual friends and that we actually hang out. On the other hand, you could say me and Ashlee have never even been "associates." We didn't talk, we didn't agree, we didn't hang out. As you can probably guess though, that has changed. I have more respect for Ashlee than I do for almost anybody else. She's gone through some really hard things that I used to kinda judge her for until I realized what "real life" is about. I'm so thankful for her and her patience when I'd call her out of the blue, ask her personal questions and use her experiences for help with making my own decisions in life. I love that she ended up with a great guy like Jake and didn't settle for less than she deserved. The fact that she's got a deployed husband and is rasing 2 kids on her own kinda speaks for itself. She's a HUGE example to me and I'm glad that she took the time for her little sister, even when she may not have wanted to.
I have 3 B's that are on the trigger list of things I don't talk about, or don't talk about without getting mad or emotional: brother, Barry (aka dad) and boys. Kind of a well known fact I guess cause I've had people telling this to ME lately :) However, I'll touch on the boys thing for a minute because I got some good advice this week from (of course) dear ol' Sarah. She told me that now that I've let a lot of things from the past go, it's time to shift my focus to the worthwhile guys in my life and put more energy and attention there instead of the past. Drive through the windshield not the review mirror type thing. So... Dave and Troy. They were the "blessing boys" from a couple weeks back. I LOVE priesthood worthy guys! I guarantee that I am the girl that asks for blessings in the most inconvient times and it's such a relief when the guy is worthy, late at night, spur of the moment to come help me. And patient while they just sat there letting me have my cry moment ;) Kyle...chivalry is not dead when it comes to this boy! The biggest thing with him is that he makes me feel so good when I'm with him. He's always genuinely interested about what's going on in my life, and how past things turned out and walks me out to my car (OPENING DOORS) every. single. time. I leave his apartment. Bryce is so cute when he waits for his girlfriend to come out of class and opens the car door for her. Cody is still working on fixing his life, 2 years later and still hasn't given up. James is hilarious and always so fun to hang out with! Mike always tries to do what he thinks is right, and is so concerned about other peoples feelings all the time.
I love to have fun in life! That has always been true, not really a change in the last 2 years, but even more so now. I think the fact that so many of my friends are getting married and closing out their "single lives" that it just adds more motivation to just keep going and doing what I want to do. I have never wanted to be one of those girls that graduated high school, did a couple semesters of college (while still living at home of course) and then got married and send my kids to the same high school I went to (welcome to Provo!). Ew. There is so much that I still want to do before I even think about getting to a marriage point! Another adventure (like China) just might be stirring up for me again....
The last couple years have been a blast! I have made friends with some people that I really love and I'm so happy they've come into my life! I've lost some people and that only furthers my motivation to stay close with people around me now. I loooooove adventures and fun and laughing and traveling.... but school is finally started to have a place in my life too. Not too much since I did this instead of a paper, but it's getting there. For the first time in years, I'm going to class. For the first time in years, I'm starting to go back to church. I guess you could say that in some ways I've grown up a lot lately. I even have a check book now and this month alone have had 4 serious, "feelings", honest talks with people that needed to be done. Yeahhhh lookout! ;)
p.s. Since I made mention of Ashlee, Brittany and Taylor I guess I should say something about Tan Man. LOVE this kid! That's never changed though. We've always kinda been buddies and he's usually down to do anything that I'd let him come along to. Sneaky T still gets to hear more about my life than he cares to but I love that he'll always listen to me when I need him. Still the funniest kid ever. Still my little protector on the streets of Sanpete. Still long boarding and lunch buddies. Still honest, slightly naive, awesome (but no longer little) kid. Love you dude!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

literally a LOL

Jess and I were planning on going to see Clayton speak at 10 and Sarah at 11. Tanner was possibly going with us. He failed to mention that he himself was speaking at 1 that day. I'm sure he thought that he got away with it until Kirk text me and asked me if I was going. Needless to say, we were dressed and flew over there just as he was standing up to speak. And the look on his face to see us there in (nearly) the front row...laugh out loud.

A while back I was at this "Women of the Mountains" Conference for a class. There was a really cute guy that sat by me in the human trafficing lecture. We slowly bonded through our "That's awful!" "Wow!" and "Oh my gosh" comments we made under our breaths through out it. It was super interesting, but got old and tedious. With 10 minutes left, I was ready to go and he was ready for gum. He pulled a piece out for himself and motioned to me to see if I wanted some. You know that thing everyone does when they already have some but apparently feel the need to really prove it and roll it up to their teeth, pull their lips back and show the offer-er that you clearly already have some there? I attempted to do that at the same time that I went to let out a sigh. Yes, I full on spit my gum right into this poor guy's face. Naturally my first response at my embarrasment and slight humiliation?...laugh out loud.

A massacre is women and children without guns. This was grown, fully loaded men going out and looking for a fight that got blown away. Here in reality we call that a straight up ass-whoopin!...laugh out loud.

These warriors had Michael Jordan hang time and Jacki Chan moves. Tell me you wouldn't be scared to see them poppin over your hay wagon!...laugh out loud.

"You have no idea just how many times I'll have a young man come to me and 'President I don't understand! I know that this is the girl I'm supposed to marry but she just doesn't feel the same way!' To one young man I couldn't take it anymore and felt it was time to tell him the truth. I said 'Brother did you ever think that that may be the Lord's way of telling you 'Hey if you think you can pull it off, BE MY GUEST!'...laugh out loud.

Actual line walking behind 2 guys at school: "Dude just let it go! If she hasn't deleted you on facebook yet then you're totally fine! You could still have a chance."...laugh out loud

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I realize that life has slapped you in the face this week but you are acting like a [biotch]! I got us drinks and I can see your car so ignore me all you want but I'm not leaving until you come for a ride and talk to me about this."

He is awesome! He reminded me that sometimes I forget just how great my friends are. Sorry if I seem ignorant. Sorry if you were 1 of the 5 people I fought with between 9 and 11 yesterday. Sorry if I don't text you back or if I text you too much. Sorry if I lied to you and you caught me....'s just been one of those weeeks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the good life

This week has been lonnnnnnnnng and crazy! So naturally a quick little visit to dear ol' Sarah was due today. There were no tears. There was no fighting. There was a smile and an "I am proud of you" and it was pretty much amazing.

Spring Break is in 6 days and HELLO California! Yes I laugh out loud (literally) every time that I think about it, but hey....I thrive on this right? It's pretty much the essence of my life and I always have some good stories.

I had one of the best weekends that I've had in a long time: meeting Elder Cook twice, game night at Claytons, funniest game of curses that has ever been played in the history of the world, dance party, small catch up with Roni, Jazz game, on the jumbotron 4 times, 14th row, overtime, high five from CJ Miles and Harris, caught a T-Shirt and a mini basketball, singing for the CES fireside, laughing with awesome Ammon (come into my life again por favor) and little bonding with the roomies and Ryne (which let's face it...he's our male mate)

I got a blessing Sunday night. One of the things that stood out to me was when Dave said "God is always with you and aware of your trials and concerns, even when you don't feel that He is." I have tried to keep this in mind all week and it's made a big difference.

Went hot tubing with Mark and he parked me in a huge puddle. Jumping out into 5 inches of rain and freezing my feet and soaking my sweats...quite comical actually.

I have one of the funniest history teachers ever! Like, I'm pretty sure that coming soon there will be a post about just his funny little quotes. He makes me take more notes than any other class but he is hilarious.

I saw Spencer last week. Best talk ever. I saw him again today (me looking homeless as always) and he gave me a hug and said I looked cute. I'm still wondering why I didn't marry that boy...

Keznee is kinda sensitive. She REALLY doesn't like to be laughed at. So when me and Ashlee busted up only a few inches from her while she picked her nose with the funniest expression, she did not appreciate it. She burst into tears and I felt awful but I loved how cuddly she instantly became.

If you are yet to experience the "awesome-ness" of Sweet Tooth need to look into it ASAP! In the words of my mother "If you were to stop buying those little cakebites, you would already have your student loans paid off!" Probably a true story.

The other week when I worked 68 hours, I obviously had a little bit of a priority switch. Such may or may not have been about 4 days since I had washed my hair. My first day off in 9 days, I showered (and washed my hair) before going to class. Josh sat up as soon as I walked in and was beaming: "Well look who doesn't look homeless anymore!" I laughed and claimed that I never had: "I just didn't have time to wash my hair for a couple days!" He thought this was the funniest thing he'd heard all year I guess cause he was near dying. "Like I said...homeless!" Love that boy! He makes that class so fun to go to!

I have never heard somebody swear as much as Andrea does on photo lab days. Like really. I always feel bad but it really is kinda comical that at this point she still just doesn't get it and get's sooooo upset about it.

Christina Izatt is awesome. And girl if you're reading this, I am so happy and excited and proud of/for you! They aren't gonna know what hit them, but they are going to LOVE you! Almost as much as I do :)

After all week of "tomorrow is gonna be better and I'll be in a better mood!" It actually happened today :) Life was not only good was great! :) And that awesome sunshine sure didn't hurt at all...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why do I blog? I don't have any children (That I know of...and typically the girl always knows) I'm as far away as you can possibly be from getting married (even the thought of a dating relationship freaks me out) I'm no longer living in a cool, crazy country (Oh China how I miss you!) and my school isn't that awesome (go UVU...back in Provo again)

But let me assure you my friends...things are changing :) :) :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

feliz cumpleanos a me hermana

You know those people in your life that you know you couldn't live without? Or the people that make your life that much better? Those people that you get soooo excited about everytime you see them? Those people that have you laughing without end? Those people that know you better than you know yourself? Those people that you sometimes don't see for a while but when you do it's as if nothing ever changed? Those people you love? Please meet my friend Dom! Today is her 22nd birthday so (as usual) I thought it was a good time to look back and say some of what she means to me:
1. The first time I ever met Dom was at volleyball tryouts my freshman (her sophmore) year. I thought that everyone was calling her "Dum-Dum" and even though I thought it was weird, I remember being so impressed with how chill she was that she could joke around like that with everybody.
2. Dom and I once took on New York together :) It was quite possibly one of the greatest trips of my whole life. How do I even begin to talk about this trip?! That's the point where Dom and I started getting SUPER close! I'm always so grateful for this because she ended up being such a huge influence in my life from that point on. I may or may not have squirted Capri Sun in my eyes and choked on a bag of marshmallows while Dom died laughing; Knicks vs. Mix; laughing at Lamont; "Johnny" the good fairy, racing up the Empire State Building, pissing off Zach Sherman, talking with funny accents all of Ellis Island; stromboli; falling asleep at all of our conferences; 2 broadway shows, amazzzzing shopping and of course...we won't talk about take off on the way home. :(

3. One word: Wendy's
4. Sometimes Dom and I would be so determined NOT to go to class that we once ran through the parking lot completly haunched over, and then continued to walk the couple blocks to her house because neither of us had driven that day.
5. We had to do FCCLA in order to go to New York and we made that thing into the biggest joke in the world. Thank you Sherman for never killing us no matter how many times you have wanted to :)
6. "What the HELL?! Why do you look like you're going to the beach?!"
7. Dom introduced our team to the "chicken and crackers" classic that we all fell in love with and had to take to everyyyy game and tournament with us.
8. Dom has ALWAYS had my back! So much in fact that she even had one of her other friends mad at her, because Dom wouldn't give me up as her "source" for some information that we found out. This was one of the many times that Dom taught me what it means to be a true friend

9. For years we had always talked about how we wanted to dance to "Bless the Broken Road" at each of our weddings... I cried a little watching her and Losi finally live this dream
10. "CHAUNNY WHY THE HELL IS THE YELLOW LINE ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD?!" And did I mention that Dom was the one that taught me how to gas my car? :)
11. Y parking lot! My dad had this rule that I had to have my cell phone off after 10 but Dom needed directions up there so I crawled under my bed and tried to whisper them to her while she got more and more and more lost. Another time we took 2 other people up there in the middle of winter, right after a snow storm. We were the only 2 laughing as we slowly, slowly slid down the mountain.
12. One of our games Dom wasn't even in at the time and Ashlyn got a yellow card that somehow was given to Dom
13. Dom thinking: She doesn't even want to know what happened... Me: "Okayyyy so want to know what happened?!" Once again Sherman...thanks for not killing us!
14. These little bubble wraps things were impressively fun to play with at practice one day. Coach got sick of us popping them and wanted us to go run, threatening if we popped anymore. We thought she was in the soundroom and ran over and popped a tonnnnn more. Coach wasn't in the sound room...and I've never been more scared of her in my life.
15. We didn't miss a single football game and yet we somehow NEVER made it in time for a single kick off either. We celebrated 2 state football championships together!
16. Dom once sent me a text that she started "Hey Chaunny I know this is super random..." and went on for a bit about how glad she was we were friends. I'm pretty sure she will never realize just how much it meant to me, and how badly I needed that that night.
17. For a few years now I've felt like an honorary "Uata" girl. Dom introduced me to her family and let me kinda become a part of them, especially during a time when I wasn't very interested in my own.
18. For Dom's 18th birthday (appropriate that it's #18...) I got Dom tickets to Rascal Flatts when they came to Salt Lake. She was too scared to open it, but was crying once she figured out it was for real. I'm so happy that we not only got to see our FAVORITE band, but it was also Dom's first ever concert.
19. Dom helped me to find "the good guys" and to be respected. One of my FAVORITE nights of all of last semester was ripping some papers to shreads ;) and catching up, talking about the guys we wanted (and that she got) and where we wanted to go in life. (p.s. I still have those pieces to burn!)
20. One of my favorite nights of Junior year was when Veronica and us drove up to the basketball game at Lehi! We jammed the WHOLE way there and listened to Rascal Flatts "Here's To You" the whole way and had a full on dance made up by the time we were home. Best. Drive. Ever.
21. Dom is always downnnn! She's down for crazy adventures, she's down for chill nights, she's down for sweats to movies, she's down for ice skating, she's down for food runs, she's down for name it and she'll be there! And she seriously will have me cracking up the WHOLE time!
22. Dom was the first of my close friends in "that group" to get married. She allowed me to be a part of it by being one of her bridesmaids :) I was sooooo excited when she asked me and felt honored that she'd let me a part of her big day. I loved helping her pick out dresses :) I loved that we walked down the asile to "Love Story". I loved helping her get her dress on for the reception. I loved that she continued to be such a big example to me and got married in the temple. She did the "right time, right place, right person" thing and watching her and Losi walk out of the temple after being sealed, you could tell how happy they were and I have never been more proud/excited for her in my life!
Love you DOM DOM! Thanks for everything that I couldn't even begin to thank you for! You literally saved my life when I moved to Provo and I'm glad you've stayed such a big part of it. Loooooove you and Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

frenzy of February

February was phenominal! "The month of love" ended up being pretty well suited because I saw a LOT of people that mean alot to me. In January my friend was laughing at me and my "out of control" life and he wanted to plan something out for each weekend in February so ensure that "the chaos stayed at an appropriate level." Totally joking, but it ended up being fairly true.

Weekend #1
This story alone pretty sums up why I love Andy and Hil as much as I do: 8:15 on a Friday night I text Hil that I missed her and was tempted to go up to Logan that night. At 8:30 she called me. I got off of work, ran home, threw a bunch of stuff into an empty rubbermade box (cause I didn't even take the time to find my luggage) and by 10:40 I was at a jersey dance party with her and the guys. The rest of the weekend was pretty typical to most of the times we hang out! I know I say it a lot, but I seriously love them to death! They have "saved" me so many times and think of them as 1 of the many reasons I had to move to St. George.

Weekend #2

The Monday that I got home from Lo-Town, we found out that grandma had passed away in the night sometime. That week was crazy as I worked and tried to get school set enough that I could take off for another weekend. Thursday night, I left with Ashlee and the babies and Tan-Man for a few days down in Sanpete. Great discovery of that week?! Mt. Pleasant actually has a hotel. And a pretty nice one. At first I thought it was bad to say, but I had a blast those 3 days! I met new cousins for the first time and saw some of them that I haven't seen in years. There was a tonnnnn of food, the funniest game of Mafia that has ever been played and of course: the cousin heighth picture.

Weekend #3

This was a "defrost" weekend: St. Geezy trip! I'd met Thad's sister a couple of times but we'd never really hung out or talked. However, we drove down together with her friend Amanda and it was so much fun! (Minus the insane ticket of course) Lenzie is such a cool girl and is so fun to hang out with. It was fun to actually get to know her after all I'd heard about her from Thad. P Mosh met us in Cedar to get lunch and she ended up making me go to bio with her. I escaped during a pee break and went for a walk with my sister instead. Yet again: another awesome weekend! Bonfire, movies movies movies, photoshoot, hiking the snow canyon caves during the day (which was a first for me), seeing the "Red Lobster" friends, a little shopping, 2 basketball games and a few parties. Sometimes it's almost hard to go visit because it makes me miss it so much, but I love to go back and it's always fun to see people again.

Weekend #4

It was finally time for a weekend in "Happy Valley." From the Monday we got back from St. George, to the following Sunday I worked a grand total of 64 hours. I was beyond burned out and tired but I was still feeling some kind of party. It's the "I need to do something before I go crazy" type of thing. Friday I got off of work early to (literally) run to a lecture for a class, go meet up with Anna and her dance company to take pictures for photo, then home to shower and take a 20 minute "nap" before I went rock climbing with James. So. Much. Fun. That's the first time I've ever gone and I am in love with it. I had a call from Lenzie so I met up with her and some others at a dance. The next night I got off early again, got called back, but still ended up at a dance last minute where I hung out with Christina and Andrew and Nicole for the first time in forever. (And thank you Andrew for not literally being disguested with me all night)

Other cool February events? I had sushi that was amazing (and technically for the first time). This also included getting to see Brie, Parker and Ryan for the first time in months and finally meeting the Jared I've heard so much about. We followed it up with "Green Hornet" that Brie assured us was hilarious...and we weren't disappointed!

Tanner Perry and Clayton Conley and Kahea Clark are back and as funny as ever! For different reasons, but funny nonetheless ;) They both did such an amazing job at their welcome homes (even though Claytons was in December and Kahea in Septemeber-but it's fun that we're finally hanging out) an it's fun to see how they've changed, but at the same time stayed the same. Like Tanner's funny voices, their laughs and the way Clayt still gets offended when I say he has emo music.
I fell in love with Spencer a little bit more. In a friend way of course :) He is such an AWESOME guy and continues to always be so respectful and kind. It's impossible for me to drink any type of juice without thinking about him. He text me to meet him one day that I was busy, "Come on...I'll buy you another juice!" and we had such a good talk. It was awesome to see such a high quality, classy guy treat me so great when technically he didn't owe me anything. I thought to other guys from the past that (in my mind) might have "owed me" a little bit more respect with the way they handled things going on between us and then Spencer came in and was such a GREAT guy! I am so happy that I met him, he's a good friend!
Bring on the madness of March :)