Sunday, February 27, 2011

has it really been a year?!

One year ago today, was a very significant weekend for me. For many reasons actually. This weekend last year, was a weekend I spent much of the rest of the year trying to get over. (Or at least a good 6 months to follow)

One year ago yesterday, was the Justin Young and Colbie concert. One word: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The Logan girls were all coming down, having dinner at Roadhouse, the concert and wrap it up with scary movies and sleepover at Er's. The week before the concert actually cracks me up now that I'm in a position to look back on it. Leave it to me to always get sick when big things are coming up. Trips, tests, name it!

The night before the concert I went over to see Er and Brett when I got off work cause we were waiting for Hil, Andy, Megan and Kay to get there from Logan. I was already sooooo sick. And quite frankly pretty out of it. I took a double dose of dayquil from Brett and a dose of nyquil from Ericka. Then I realized that I'd left my sleepover stuff at my apartment so I left to go get it. The next thing that I remember is waking up in the middle of my floor in the middle of the night, panicing that my legs had been cut off and my phone laying next to me going crazy. Turns out I had made it home but sat in a cross legged position for some reason, then somehow passed out in some kind of haunched forward position. Extrememly painful on my back and my legs were 100% numb...hence the fear of them being cut off.

Jesse was also a significant part of Colbie week. I'd met dear Ol' Jess just 2 weeks before, he sat by me in my institute class every time that I went. Every, Time. Like even if he was already sitting down, he'd move on over. 1 week to concert time and he asked me if I'd like to date him. Not to go on a date with him, just date him. There's a difference. (And you should probably know that he is one of the most intense people I've ever met.) He mentioned one day that he was working security for the concert and that he could get a date backstage to meet her after. Yes I was super shallow and suddenly gave him more attention than I had before that conversation. SUPER long story short: he totally got me back stage after which was freakin amazzzzzing! And as you can see from the picture above: we totally matched and she was adorable and incredibly nice! More on Jesse won't blame me for using him shamelessly.
We were on the second row which is the closest that I've ever been at a concert. I loved every single minute of it! We'd yell out random things and they could actually hear us and have little conversations with us while they're up on stage. Seriously, amazing. And if you've never checked out Justin Young before, you need to do so! This is the whole group with her stage manager Andy that she got to sing...he's bomb! Sounds a lot like Bob Marley! A lot of us all got high fives from her after the show too.

The actual day of the concert, I was still sick but adrenaline had pretty much taken over at that point. I had hardly any feeling in the left side of my face and my nose and eyes were watering like I didn't think was humanly possible but there was no way I was going to miss it. So I took triple the normal dose of dayquil, 2 pills of an old prescription, and a whole box of tissues in my purse and was ready to go!
She sang all of my favorite songs :) I was panicked at first that she wasn't going to sing Bubbly (which will always be #1 in my mind) but good ol Jess blew the secret that it was the encore song so I did end up getting to hear it. After the show we went to Ericka's and watched "Stepfather" with a bunch of beds all over her front room. Hil and I do NOT do scary movies but of course it was a blast! Loved every minute of that day!
One year ago tonight I was watching a pirated version of "Avatar" with 2 of my best friends, 1 of which gave me the best surprise I'd had in a long time. I had no idea just how many surprises were coming that weekend though! Sometimes when I think about it (or seem them on campus allllll the time), it can still get to me and make me sad. They were my go to guys and my best friends. If either of them were to ever read this, I would definetly want them to know I still miss them randomly. I still go to text them. Like I said, it took me months to move on and "get over" everything. I heard a song tonight that made me think of how much those boys meant to me. But because of that experience I learned a LOT, went through a lot of needed change, was better prepared for stuff I'm going through now, grew up, and ended up gaining a lot of different (better) friends because of it. So for now I guess that I'll just keep "thanking God for unanswered prayers."
On a happier note and last but not least....1 year ago this afternoon was the first time that any kind of coloring product had touched my hair. :) Once again though, grateful Brie talked me into it cause now I'm officially an addict.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's 2:44am and I'm still awake. Honestly, nothing too out of the normal. I'm always up late. The difference tonight is that I can't sleep. Very bizarre. I have been known to sleep through anything and everything. boys..
new roommates
..big potential changes..
new plans
..a list of goals..
dreams of summer
..upcoming adventures..
My stomach and head have that crazy, butterfly, going crazy
feeling for multiple reasons. Those of you who know
what I'm talking about know that it isn't good.
Pray for me :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


"You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough"

1. Just knowing that "my chevron" in Brigham City is getting closer, makes me instantly have to pee

2. Law and Order Marathons on Tuesday nights are delightful. But the next night when I'm working by myself and there's a fugitive on the loose..I regret watching them.

3. "Channy we can NOT stay up until 5 again this time! We can't!"

4. Something about dark, late nights with empty roads and loud music makes me feel like I'm a racecar driver.

5. Something about sunny, bright days with sunglasses and loud music makes me feel like I'm a racecar driver.

6. Andy said we parked far away, and even though we were hauling through the snow, we were laughing so hard that I swear we only walked for 2 minutes.

7. Friday I got free parking for over 4 hours because the machine was down

8. Catching up with Lauren White for the first time since December of 09 and seeing her for the first time since August

9. Spring Break is coming up...and I am DEFINETLY going somewhere! I don't know where, but somewhere.

10. There's a cute boy that walks me out to my car and gives me a big hug everytime I leave his apartment.

11. I like my roommates. And get excited when they're home.

12. I still get to go swimming and it's February

13. Hil told me at the game that my fist pump was GOOD. Definetly an improvement

14. There is no school on the 21st and once again...roadtrippin

15. Waking up to texts from people you don't expect them from

16. I did 8 hours in my photo lab last week and I stilllll didn't want to leave when we left at 10 pm
17. I text Hil at 8:15, she called at 8:30. By 1040, we were dancing it up at a party in Logan
18. I have made friends with 3 boys in my math class that crack me up on the daily. The one that sits right next to me will constantly slowly roll his head toward me with an expression that I feel the exact same about.
19. It was sunny today! So sunny that I took a drive up to Sundance and walked around taking a roll of pictures. I didn't wear a jacket and I even sat and had some hot chocolate watching people come down to go back up the lift. Wearing my all too cool shades :)
20. Troy taught me how to dive tonight. I belly-flopped on my first attempt. HARD. But after that...I think I got pretty good. Now I just need to figure out how to keep my bottoms on.
21. Jaxon throws up EVERY time I hold him! I still love "my wittle wuve" though. And I had him smiling and laughing today.
22. Big hugs from my dad
23. Laughing superrrr hard to the texts you wake up to in the morning that you know people aren't going to understand
24. I bought seven new songs on itunes that are already past 10 on the play count
25. James and I finally hung out tonight after weeks of the "let's do something sometime." I'm pretty sure he loves my roommates and they him
26. My history teacher is hilarious. He constantly says things like "You ride a motocyle?! Did you start on the motorcycle or a pedal bike? Since you started on the pedal bike but don't use it anymore, would you consider it a failure? HELL NO YOU WOULDN'T!" He uses drinking and sex references in 90 percent of our lectures and he is pure cowboyyyyyy
27. Clayton's mom finally "likes" me. And even gave me one of her valentine cookies :) And sat there joking with me in the kitchen for a little bit
28. I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have the amazing friends that I do! And especially for Hil and Andy..always being there in the worst of my times. I can tell them anything without being judged, they know when I need to have them just listen, and we always have a blast. Even if we're killing time on the couch, watching Glee all Saturday afternoon. And let's face it...running away to them ;)
29. Ashlee called me "Chan" a couple times today and for the first time in a LONG time, we seem to be friends. I love it.
30. One of my favorite missionaries is FINALLY home from Peru! And my new favorite missionary is doing great and loving the MTC!
live. laugh. love. always.