Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You know that point where you feel like you need to eat everything in sight, alllll the time? Or when you're at the grocery store and things like popcorn dipped in frosting starts to sound amazing? (Don't judge....it's good!) You're sitting in class and you realize that seven minutes have gone by but you literally have no idea what was just said? When you're sitting there and catch yourself making a list of all the fun things you want to do or would rather be doing? I hate that I find myself debating if I should go to the library and work on a paper/assignment or wash my hair or sleep for an hour before I work all night. But naturally there's never time to do all three! Maybe you've had that point where it seems like there are six different heartbeats in your head all at once. Or my personal favorite....you make a list of all the school things you need to get done and instantly you realize that you're in GREAT need of a nap? And once you're in that bed, there is not enough energy in the world to get you out of it.

Hello end of semester! How I have dreaded the days....

Friday, November 25, 2011

count your many blessings..name then 1 by 1

Two years ago I was still off on that crazy adventure called China. That September, I had realized just how much I am truly blessed with back here in "Real Life." I can honestly say that my life has never been the same since that semester abroad! One of the things I did was make a "209 in 2009" where I listed 209 specific things that I was grateful for; talk about a HUGE eye opener! I still have it on my bookshelf and it's kinda funny to read what I wrote about simple things like a clothing selection, public school, hot water whenever I want it,drinkable water, traffic laws (HAHA), that I've never been high maintance and it goes on and on and on.

That Thanksgiving was honestly the BEST that I have ever had! 16 of us packed into this small room above with maybe 2 scoops (teaspoon scoops mind you) and a roll and just a few other items. It was incredibly! Everybody was so close at that point and it was awesome to sit and listen to so many different things we were grateful for and blessings we had realized. A.MAZING!

I'm thankful for....

my parents teaching me young how to stand on my own two feet. my job. my hot water whenever I want it (you don't know how awful it is to NOT have that.). my overall health. my MENTAL health. my dad's job. my vaccuum. my parents making me go to church until I could learn for myself how important religion is. my ability to make choices. the chance that I had to go to China; literally thankful for that EVERY day. my boys that went on missions. second chances. nights where the world is totally right and nothing could ever go wrong. random adventures with fun friends. laughing until you pee on the nights you need to remember that life is great. deep conversations that help change your perspective. those days where you realize things will be okay again and that you aren't a lost cause. friends that never leave you. the ability to "step back" from friends that hurt you and feel okay about it. accountability: learned it young and the hard way but I'm glad that I did. my car and not having to use public transportation. friends that tell you things that you need to hear. healthy relationships. people that tell you they believe in you. my family.

Monday, November 21, 2011

the girls at 1727

Here at 1727 we....
-like to do things "Just to prove a point"
-are sometimes called the Energizer Barbies
-have a quote board that some people don't approve of but we laugh over it all the time
-love our neighbors that allow us to use their hot tub just six feet from our back door
-find it necessary to use backpacks for our towels...to get those six feet away
-re arrange the cupboards at 1 am
-have a duck in our front room. Literally. And his name is Howard
-believe in "no judgment...all God's children. I was ________ once."
-decorate the WHOLE house for Halloween
-are becoming more domestic (sometimes referred to as homely)
-almost always have at least one person blasting music. usually more
-never lose a moment for a "challenge accepted"
-may or may not have drugged a duck
-beat the boys in a cookoff
-don't need to clean because we "just did in June." (I wish I could say that was a joke...)
-have plans to sleep outside in November

Yep, we have a lot of fun! Note though that there are indeed 4 roommates and not just 3. But one tends to miss out on the fun all the time and stays in her room pretty much all the time. I love my roommates!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

school was ROUGH last week!

One day, I felt sick all morning and couldn't really get out of bed. I had a test and so I finally dragged myself out and headed over to school. Just the day before, Nicole and I had been texting about how the new shuttle buses looked nice...let's just say I put them to the ultimate test. I curled up in the back seat, wishing I was still in bed, and the next thing I knew it one hour and 37 minutes later. And there I was...asleep riding the shuttle bus. Those babies are smooth!

A different day, I went to my math class after chugging my typical Mt. Dew. I ran out to the bathroom about halfway through. Keep in mind that my math class is in the education building which used to be an elementary school, meaning that the bathrooms were built for little people. I may or may not have screamed (yes..screamed) when I felt like I was "falling" for too long. A lady outside my stall asked if I was okay. I just said yes and felt too stupid to explain. However that didn't stop me from hysterical laughter the whole time I was in the bathroom.

I almost got hit by a car. Like for reals. And I fully admit that it was my fault. I was on the phone and I even told my friend "This car is going really fast" and then right after I stepped off the curb. Not sure what I was thinking on that one. Like really. I'm not even mad that they honked and flipped me off.

On yet ANOTHER rough day, I went into the wrong class. I went to my Tuesday noon class on Monday at noon. This was my day of not feeling well and wishing that I was still in St. George so I sat there for a good 20 minutes before the kid next to me asked how I was just barely adding the class. It was at this point that I finally realized I was wrong. Cue that hysterical laughter again. I said "Oops" and got out of there as fast as I could.

I understand how you feel little guy! Needless to say though, I am DEFINETLY going to pay a little bit better attention at school for now on. Cause last week was just rough!