Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elder Perry

Today is Wednesday which means that yet another missionary is heading off to the MTC. This week is Elder Tanner Perry called to serve in Peru. He entered the Provo MTC today where he'll be for 3 weeks before heading off to the MTC in Peru for 6 more weeks. Where to even begin? He's been my best friend for the last year and I don't know where I'd be without him. He's been a better friend to me than what I ever deserved. I have never once heard him swear and I can't remember ever seeing him mad. Frustrated but never mad. He has a brand new, super nice jeep that he would let me drive. He makes me laugh hysterically and is the most respectful guy I know. He treats me better than anybody else! It's going to be SO weird to have him gone, but I'm so proud of him and know that he'll do amazing and have a great time. GOOD LUCK ELDER PERRY!
In the hall after his farewell talk
We went miniature golfing on a date during the summer. While there, we broke part of the picket fence and 2 of these little things came off of it. We took them as a joke and said that we would both keep them. I have mine in St. George on my dresser by a picture of us and when I went to the dorms I saw that he had really kept his as well.

Clayton-Me-Tanner: They got they're call the same day and this was after they both had opened them.

Driving the amazing Jeep the night before I moved

Up on the stage before lining up at Graduation

After graduation (Sneaky shot Brit)

At the dinner part of Senior ball while waiting for our cheesecake

Picking me up and leaving my house

Playing around at a summer bonfire

Pictures at his house before heading up to Sundance

Actually dancing at Senior Ball towards the end of the night

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I know I already posted for today but there's 3 people that are on my mind today so I want to give them quick "shout-outs".

Elder Clayton Conley: reporting to the MTC today to serve in Korea. Such an amazing guy and going to be a great missionary!
Ashlee and Jake: going to be adding a baby to their little family! She's due in August and all of us are already pumped and ready for "it" be here. So proud of them especially for just getting sealed the start of December.

Elder Michael Alisa: also reported to the MTC today to serve in Puerto Rico. Also a great guy! We aren't as close as what we used to be but I love this guy and he is going to do a great job. (Little worked in the picture but it was taken on the plane headed back from Washington D.C.)

Joining the craze...

I've heard a lot of people say how fun it is to blog and that it's really catching on. Sitting here procrastinating my homework, I decided I would set one up. Here's some of the pictures of recent things:

Hiking the crack of St. George. I honestly didn't think I would fit!
Anna-Sarah-Me just about to head in

Tialei, Le'o, Dom and me. We were going ice skating and were very surprised to find monsterous snowflakes waiting for us outside

Ericka and me with the "David Archeleta" of our ward. I had to do a triple take one week to make sure it wasn't really him.

Our holiday kick of martineli's. We managed about a bottle a day for a while.
This is the second week of spring semester down here in the Sunny South. I'm loving it down here! It took me a while but now I can call it home. I love my roommates and so glad we all get along. I share a room with Ericka and you could definetly say she's my favorite. We love to laugh and both have a huge sense of humor so we get along really well. We're also the cleaners of our apartment. I love that it's been fairly warm down here lately but that makes it even harder for me to want to go to class.