Monday, March 9, 2009

Some quick updates...

WOW! SOOOO much has happened since I last wrote anything on here! I know it seems like there are a ton of pictures on here but I figured the easiest way to do a 1 month update was just to do some random pictures from some of the bigger things that have been going on and just do little descriptions underneath. ENJOY!

This is when Kaylee and Ericka died my hair red. I decied I was sick of being blonde. Just kidding it was a kool-aid washout. We did a "Dare Night" of D2 (us) versus E2 (neighbors.) It was soooo much fun! We had kissing strangers, licking floors, pole dancing the boulevard and many others that we will just leave to the imagination. Such a blast and tons of memories!

This would be me and Ericka about to take over the invitation to E2. We found these masks at All a Dollar and fell in love...they're still hanging on the wall of our room now.

This was my first time going shooting and WHAT an experience! My very first shot was hand pistol with a lot bigger of a kick than I imagined. Such a kick in fact that it almost took my own head off accidently. I quickly learned to hold on tight!

Me and Dave. We were FREEZING! I was so excited that right before we left, I finally hit not one, but TWO of the clays! :) Which is good because they threatened that if me and Ericka didn't hit at least 1 we would be walking back.

Me and Dave again. I had a hard time not leaning back so he basically held me. Danny was spotlighting in the back and Ericka was photographer.

This was my first time playing fugitive in a LONG time but it was such a blast! The girl next to me (Andrea) gets major props because even though she was having an asthma attack and literally hyperventilating and dieing, she kept on army crawling through the bushes and refused to let us stop for her. Her efforts were in vain though as this picture is in the back of the truck...only 3 houses away from our "destination."

Last time I went home, my friends text me saying they wanted to go tour the Draper Temple. I was going to go hang out with CJ but at last minute went with the girls instead. I am so glad that I did! It is so beautiful and was such an amazing experience to get to see everything and be with friends besides. The couple speaking in the sealing room had me and Jessica in tears. :) Me-Nicole-Gabrielle-Jessica just coming outside after.

Friday night after the last basketball game we did Girls Night at Ericka's parents house since they were gone. This was at our apartment before leaving. We danced and sang our lungs out to Disney songs before our Harmons/Maverick hang out and then off to Winchester. Also a very fun night all around!

Going hot tubbing at "The Rapist Inn." Car ride was fun, but it was the most awkward hot-tubbing experience I've ever had.

Andy has a mini cooper that me, Ericka and Hillary get to drive. SUUUCH a fun car! We drove around Bluff and Blvd. blasting our music and singing and making some new friends ;)

Back seat crew showing just how windy it was. It was a lot worse than this at one point and I was afraid my camera was really going to blow right out of my hand!

After playing sand volleyball. Me-Andy-Hillary-Adazia-Ericka

Preparing to jump. I love playing down at these courts and I'm so glad it's getting warm enough that we can start going again!

Top of the temple at Sunset. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

We had such a nice day last week that we got a group together and went to fly kites and have a picnic. This is us on our "huge" blanket eating our amazing (and freaking expensive) KFC! Notice the shorts and green grass :)

Dixie vs. BYU-Hawaii. This was before a dance and one of our last basketball games so it was a lot of fun. The best though was that Penny's dad and brother came down to watch so I got to see them for a little while. I love that family! They're always super nice, make me feel good and I can't wait for her to get home this summer!

This was my second time going to Rascal Flatts and I LOVE them! They always are so much fun to watch and sound just as amazing live as what they do on their CD's. Brittany won backstage passes and got to go meet them. We also all ended up with the same matching shirts.

Outside the trailors a couple of hours before the concert started. It was us and then Brittany's friend Brooke.