Thursday, January 28, 2010

"A penny for your thoughts..."

I'm in the library trying to do homework (shocker I know!) but I've got a lot on my mind that is distracting me....


-I have a new found love for cleaning my apartment

-Sam is a great guy to talk to about whatever!

-Ashlee is a lot stronger than I am

-The military is freakin ridiculous

-Keznee is getting unbelievably big

-School is totally different when you're actually GOING to school

-3 hours is WAYYYY too long to sit in a biology class

-Sorry missionary friends! One of these days I will FINALLY finish that massive pile of letters and get them all mailed off. It may be right before you come home, but it WILL happen!

-I love getting to talk to Jessica on the phone...even if she is making fun of me for most of the conversation

-According to my own "self evalutation" last night, I'm getting a little bit better at trusting people

-I really need to get caught up on Grey's Anatomy for this season

-Ericka and Brett are an adorable couple

-I have eaten a lot of chicken these last 2 weeks

-I can not WAIT for that stupid puzzle in our front room to finally be finished

-Watching movies has been a lot more fun lately ;)

-I love my sisters! I look up to both of them a lot and think that they are great :) Thanks for listening and talking so much this last little bit

-I still need to rematch Brad to beat him at Phase 10 since I killed at UNO

-I LOVE St. George! Only here can you lay out in the middle/end of January!

-For the first time in a LONG time, I feel really good about ALL aspects of life. Life is great right now! :)