Thursday, December 23, 2010

In light of the new year

"Hasn't it been long enough yet that you can just forgive and forget?"

You know what, I think it has been. So, I'm going to forgive myself for being so stupid and forget that you ever existed.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A post that became a novel...

Many many miles away, there is a place that is known for it's 2 kinds of weather: absoulutely perfect and nearly unheard of. Once upon a time, there were 5 really good friends that lived there. They are The Dixie Chicks. All of these friends, had a very significant Fall 2010 because all of the Dixie chicks turned 21! Even though things have changed a lot and we've all kinda spread out some now, I love each of them! We have had some rare nights of fighting, a few that were crying, some that were blah, some that were great, but a LOT of fun and laughing: maverick runs, lake days, hiking zions, driving around mad, heart attacking, roadtrips to Idaho, roadtrips to California, photoshoots in fields, end of finals celebrations, crazy driving, scaring little kids at the fountains, Vegas trips, lotsssss of eating out, laying out, cleaning out my fridge, funny sweat pants, sneaking in MOUNDS of food to movies, midnight showings, Conference, concerts, sleeping on the tramp...I could go on and on! Be warned that there are a LOT of pictures in this one!

Shamous Harvey: I have known you the longest of everybody and I think of you as one of my sisters. You hands down have the FUNNIEST laugh ever when you really get going! I still laugh thinking of the first night I met you when we did 80's night, knocking on the window at Raintree: "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" Thanks for letting me drive your car sometimes. Thanks for going along with my crazy [and sometimes BAD ideas]. Shay is always down for anything and everything. At one point at the start of this year, Shay was 1 of my 3 friends and I can not thank her enough for always sticking by me. Thanks for the nights where I'm crying and venting and you just sit there. I'm sorry once again for that night I almost killed you at the movie theatre and please don't ever pull those creepy lobsters out of the water at work anymore. :)

P. Mosh: We "bonded" by our strong dislike for 1 of my roommates, and our even stronger dislike for a guy she dated and I was makeout buddies with. But I usually don't like to give them that credit so we'll go with meeting through working together. Pierie's honesty is something I definetly admire about her. She has no problem with saying exactly what she thinks and she won't take crap from people. January will be a big month for her and I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER! [AND PROUD...and a little bit jealous] Thanks for being there for those nights where you come over way late, with no notice while I just sit there on the couch saying "I don't even know what happened!" type of nights. We always have a blast! She has let me become a part of her family for the months that I was far away from mine. We have a LOT in common. Not even stupid guys could come in between us. (And we know how hard all the T-bags tried!)

Kris: I thought you were quiet the first time I met you, but I quickly learned that you definetly aren't! Kristan has always patient. I can't think of a single time that she has ever been rude, or any form of unkind to somebody. Kris is super smart, great at school, and is already done down at Dixie. Kristan has such a big heart and tries hard to do what's right and to treat people good. She also is typically down for anything :) Kris thanks for always treating me good and being nice before we were even really friends. Thanks for always letting me eat all the teddy grahams and fruit roll ups :) :)

The day we did like 5 hikes around Zion's
haha best news from Kris at Hurricane spillway
"No I would rather kill myself than go with him!".."Yeah I would slit your wrists for you first!"

Sometimes when we get ready in Idaho fields, you just have to photoshoot after

Celebrating the end of Spring semester
...once we finally got the fountains going!

Ironman Finishline...and blue shirt boy :)

Grafton Trips...if you had any idea what a miracle this picture is

If you had any idea....:)
"I'm putting on my shades to cover up my eyes..."
Sometimes it's important to rotate drivers everytime we stop
Don't wear sunglasses in th middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere

Steve almost hitting us
New friends from bonfires
Crazy BMW man chasing us

Hiking Gunlock, Saved by the Bell marathon and first time watching Dumb and Dumber


The night we got to watch Jason Derulo strip

Sleeping on the tramp="fun summer things to do"