Thursday, June 23, 2011

Briezy B

"comfort" "empathy" "understanding" "friend" "genuine" "sincere"

These words have changed a lot to me over the years. Some days I hate facebook and blogging with a passion. I hate that somebody doesn't even have to have a conversation with you, or even see you and yet they can still know what's going on in your life. Good thing we have status updates and pictures...I won't ever have to plan a reunion because everything I need to know from somebody I can find by hanging around their page for an hour and be set to go. No conversation needed.

And yet we continue to do it. Because sometimes no matter how pathetic or lame it is, it's nice to know that at least somebody has an idea of what's going on for us. Whether we're frustrated and annoyed or not...sometimes that's enough.

I had an "accidental" run-in with this girl this week. Just what I needed! This time last year we were living together in Geezy and having so much fun! I love Brie with all my heart. We were hands down supposed to live with each other and I'm so happy she came into my life the time/way that she did. She redefined all of these words for me. You know those people that you think back on and know they were a "turning point" for you? Brie Gutzman was easily one of them.

Thanks for still listening and making me feel better! And for caring because you care..not because you heard or saw something or wanted to be on the "in".

"You da you da BEST!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear ol' Dad

For all the things you said and did that made me such a lucky kid..

the working hard..the taking care...for being strong and being there.

For all the things that helped me grow: the staying close, the letting go..

the honesty and humor too..for being real and being you.

For all your love, the gifts you give, the man you are, the life you live.

For all these things and so much more, you're the dad I'm thankful for!

I'm thankful for all those lessons of "tough love" in high school. I'm thankful that you always made it to EVERY one of my basketball and volleyball games, even when you had to leave work early. I'm thankful for you teaching me how to drive stick and shoot a basket. I'm thankful that you're a worthy priesthood holder and have been on hand for blessings my whole life. I'm thankful I grew up watching you help with dishes and diapers. I'm thankful for those times you made me grow up slowly. I'm thankful for those very very rare times we see you cry. I'm thankful for you demanding I have high standards, even when I wasn't too interested in it. I'm thankful for that day I called you in St. George and you just listened and let me cry. I'm thankful for that little chuckle and brings perspective back to my "freakouts." I'm thankful for those nights I'd sleep better just knowing that you were home from a business trip, feeling so safe again. I'm thankful for you teaching me the true meaning of hard work. I'm thankful for you raising my brothers to be such great boys! I'm thankful that you've taught me by example how to get through hard times. I'm thankful that you taught me you need to roll with the punches. I'm thankful that you taught me the true meaning of faith. I'm thankful that you have never given up on me and have always made me feel loved.


happy fathers day

Monday, June 6, 2011


Ericka Shantel Ahleen
She was my first roommate
She was my first friend in St. George
She changed my life

She took me into her family and let me become one of them
I was there for Sunday dinners, Easter and randomly in the middle of the night
I was always invited to birthday dinners
I took my first trip to Mesquite with her
She won a free bingo game and stamps
I bowled
And met the China man
She woke me up for class
Every. morning.
Even when I tried really hard to pretend to be asleep
She laughed when she came home and I was still watching TV in the front room
Most likely Grey's or Law and Order
She knew when I got depression and was right there for me
Even though at that point we were still "just roommates"
She was always down to do random and funny things with me
Even if she did leave me in the window alone when our boys walked by...
She let me borrow her laptop every day before I had my own
She took me camping and introduced me to her friends
And then WE became friends
We stayed up laughing alllll night, multiple times a week
She was always nice to people
(Minus the 3 weeks we ding-dong ditched the paranoid girls that lived above us)
But oh so worth it!
She helped me ease from "I miss high school and my friends" to "WOW college can be way fun and make new friends"
Including but now limited to Jonathon Sherman Tate
" can just call me Channy!"
She ran to the side of my slow walk when we went to spanish
And didn't get mad when I slept in and she had to work with creeper boy
She's always been my partner in crime and by my side for everything
She's open to trying new things and keeps an open mind in general in life
Life with Er consisted of many water fights, wrestling matches, food fights and hot tub runs
We lived life how we wanted
We had fun
We didn't sweat the small stuff
Baby Mama, Just Friends, House Bunny
Always classics
We built forts and burnt wishes
And somehow didn't burn our apartment down
We had the BEST night of my whole life with Dare Night
D2 trumps E2
California with Mr. Rodgers and the Mutes
and hell on earth with the Jazz jersey in a Lakers bed
Countless bonfires
No one ever caught on fire
And lots of "sex with Dex" ;)
Easy access
Clifford killings
It just needs to be said again...
Crying saying goodbye for China
Crying while we sat on my bed
Crying when she got engagd
Crying when parents had stuff come up
Crying as life threw curves
Crying when life changed
Burnt pizza roles
2 blow dryers to get ready faster
Forbidden footage
Kidnappings at Wal-Mart
Ster Bear
Er Bear
Cruisin in Vicky or Mafia Mobile
Er and I had SO much fun! And I know without a doubt that she was supposed to come into my life right as she did. For as much fun as we had, we had a lot of rough times too and she helped me through PILES of stuff. I will never be able to thank her enough for that.
Dear Er: I know you have a lot going on and probably one of the hardest trials so far, but know that I love you to death and you aren't alone in any of this. Thanks for being one of my best friends and changing my life the way that you have. Long live CHER!