Monday, August 13, 2012

memory lane

 Everytime I move I typically re-do all of my picture frames. It takes me forever and I get way too caught up into looking at all of them and reminiscing! I'm camped out at my mom's waiting for my car to get fixed and I wandered upon even more treasures on her computer...
This bag lasted me allllll years of Girls Camp and Youth Conference! And it always went in the front truck as a joke for everyone to look for the orange back if they got lost.
 "Dare Night"...#9: lick 5 floors. D2 trumped E2 so it was worth it
 hahaha Dare Night was one of my favorite nights
 Spring Break 2009 we got hooked up to go on a tour of FOX Studios. It was amazing! We were on the set of Prison Break and got to see the ins and outs of how they do things there
Huntington Beach 2009
 Best. Night. Ever! Kaylee was turning 21, Er was already 21...and I was 19. So I borrowed somebody's ID and we all went dancing in Vegas. We're pros cause the ID said I was 27 and 162 pounds with a girl checking them.
 Life Lesson: don't jump on the tramp in your PROM dress
 Just up from sunset beach in Hawaii. About 30 seconds after this picture a whale flipped up 10 feet out of the water. Can not wait to go back!
 Pearl Harbor with Ash!
 2 am getting ready for the last assembly
 Student Gov boys know how to dance
 2008 class officers

 Tunnel line up with some of the favorites at graduation
 In DC we didn't understand this sign but loved it. Took us all week but we finally got a picture of us kissing and riding
 Chrissy and the Constitution
 So we knew Brett did laundry at the Dixie baseball field and told us how he'd get creeped out leaving some we hid under the bleachers....
 ...and waited 30 minutes for him to come out... this point he was calm but we got him good! He pulled back and was ready to swing at us before he recognized it was just us.
 Student Government trip to DC Senior year
 I was too tired to go to Wal-Mart so I was riding in the cart once we got there. This RANDOM, creepy man comes up and tells my friends they weren't pushing me right. He takes the cart and wheels me around like this for 20 minutes while my friends hid. Longest and most awkward 20 minutes of my life...
 Building forts, watching Mulan and burning wishes with the roommates.
 "Oh yeah! This car totally fits me!" Trips to Grafton
 They told us we could sit on the couches until they were ready to burn them...
 ...but we weren't too eager to move.
 Love these 2 :)
 Class President? SURPRISE you speak at graduation
CNA class. Let's be honest...we were wayyyy too naive to take that in high school but we had some dang good times

I love pictures cause it's so easy to look at them and remember everything from that day! My friend "helping" me change pictures lost 20 bucks trying to challenge me on this....
happy Monday!