Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"My Life Would Suck Without You!"

I leave for CHINA tomorrow! Oh my heavens I am starting to freak out a little bit! Still very excited though and hardly nervous at all. I can FINALLY say that I am at least moderatly packed at this point (which is good because my mom has been saying all day it's today or never!)

In all of my getting ready to go, there's 1 person I've been talking with a lot, and been thinking about alot. Ericka Shauntel Ahleen (that's really her real middle name!)

Ericka was my first ever roommate, my first friend in St. George and one of my closest friends still. I LOVE HER! She has always been there for me! From crazy nights driving around jamming to music, to talking for hours through the night, breakdowns in the laundry room, crazy roommates, pranking mama Jewels, and EVERYTHING in between, she's awesome for me! She's taught me a LOT and I've been able to talk to her about anything and everything that nobody else knows. I honestly think that she is one of the biggest reasons I was supposed to go down there this year. And a special thanks to her family for taking me as one of their own this year! Here's some of the things that I've loved, things I associate with her, and good times we've had. And at the end there's a small photo gallery, but keep in mind I have HUNDREDS of pictures with her!

-"That was fun, let's do it again in DECEMBER!"
-Sleeping in the back of her truck, FREEZING to death, and praying for the alarm to go off
-Bonfires in her backyard
-Clubbing for Kaylee's 21st birthday and the 911 fiasco to get there
-Flip flop wars and water fights
-Er singing Genesis and Alma for all of Church to hear "Was that very loud?"
-"What their name again?"
-"Unnecessary...." "...and uncalled for!"
-"I've been waking up and my pants are off or gone! ...weird!"
-"CHAN-TEL! We don't even have lamps"
-Easter Bunny Murderers
-Laughing at everybody and nicknaming them behind their backs
-"Don't make me use the bag!"
-Gives you Hell and My life would suck without you
-California Babes
-"Yeah that'd work great...if we lived on a FARM!"
-Ditching out on school
-Locked in our room for HOURS working on myspanishlab with me going crazy and Er pushing me through it lol
-Meeting Archelleta in St. George!
-Shannabee and Er Bear

Creepin on the streets, down the Blvd, and dance parties at Rebel Creek
Fast face in our fort we built in the front room
hahahaha it could have been a worse one Er...
Tag teaming my hair for bowling after work
The night we almost killed Kaylee

Fixing Christmas Lights

Sunday night fun that was hilarious and went on for WEEKS!
Yay for our home teachers thinking we're crazy lol
Camping with smoke in our eyes
Sleeping in the back of the truck, minutes before Casey scared the crap out of us
Cruising in the Greek God truck
Date Night! First time hanging out
And last time hanging out! Saying goodbye (and crying a little) after lunch at Cafe Rio

Thanks for all the great times Er! Can't wait for more when I get home! :)